[Cerowrt-devel] infrastructure fixes for bufferbloat.net

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Mon Feb 9 19:05:29 EST 2015

It is long past time to upgrade and fix the bufferbloat.net
infrastructure. There were a ton of volunteers willing to help back
around december, but I was way too busy (and too broke) to get
anything sorted out...

It's my hope to kick off make-wifi-fast by april, and to do that, more
than a few infrastructure things need to get done... so if I could
round up a few volunteers for a few weekends prior to that to get this
sort of stuff sorted, it would be great.

But first up:

-1) Open discussion: Anything and everything we should do to be more
effective in general?

This question is not limited to discussing infrastructure problems.


As for known stuff on the backlog to fix that I can remember off the
top of my head

0.1) establish a mailing list for people helping hold everything
together - we have one - it's called sysmom. Been dead for a while.
i'm ressurrecting it. After this thread completes, let's move the
discussion over there.

0) Need Bufferbloat.net moved to a virtual, it's redmine instance
updated, existing spamm'ed to death userbase nuked and things like
capcha added.

That said, the world has kind of moved onto things like github, and
perhaps a more serious migration off of redmine would be better. I
really hate writing in textile in particular, and perhaps wikimedia
would be a better form for content and curation.

At the same time, I loathe php, and have been looking into more static
site generators like "hugo.io" which is markdown based. I don't think
it would be much of a problem to convert off of textile to markdown.

This has been a quandary for me for over a year now, and I think the
core problem is that I don't want to have to *care* about the darn
site, just write content once in a while, in a real editor....


I have obtained virtual servers from linode, and am willing to supply
root and access and a backup of bufferbloat.net for folk to fiddle

And somewhere related to that was updating/taking over the lart site,
also, if that can get resurrected.

1) Email fixed -

We did a few fixes to make it better in december, but it still isn't
happy making, and I'd like to be able to easily ship patches around,
have procmail, imaps working, and so on

1.1) Mailman improved

new version of mailman has been out for a while

2) SSL fixed - I have been ignoring this primarily due to item 0.

3) Bug database sorted out.

We have a lot of valuable closed bugs. We have a lot of probably
obsolete open bugs.

4) I'd like to retire "snapon" and huchra as such. Basically the big
problem with that is merely that snapon has terabytes of storage which
costs too much to keep in the cloud. My thought is to slam a big drive
into the main dns server and call it a day. Or put a replacement for
both boxes into isc.org - which doesn't charge for disk.

Snapon, was, um, originally my desktop box.

5) ?

Dave Täht


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