[Cerowrt-devel] Correct syntax for cake commands and atm issues.

Fred Stratton fredstratton at imap.cc
Fri Jul 10 07:13:24 EDT 2015

I transitioned from ceroWRT to lupin, now at undisclosed version 4, to 
try cake. I have a renown poor ADSL line, connected to TalkTalk. After 
getting a 60 GBP discount by negotiating with a woman and her imaginary 
Manager friend in Bangalore a month ago, I have no intention of moving 
to fibre.

The wiki page gives insufficient detail.

I am currently using a bridged device to connect to the internet, and so 
have a pppoe-wan interface on the WNDR3800. I do not use PPPoA ever.

Whatever options I use with cake, the flow is either raw, or atm 
overhead is listed as 0.

I do not know what commands - or probably, more correctly, options - can 
be used, and in which order


... cake bandwidth 11500kbit besteffort

can you add atm overhead 38 (does not work, returns 0)

or are besteffort and atm mutually exclusive? Do I need to use the term 
'flows' somewhere?

do terms such as 'pppoe-vcmux; need to be preceded by 'atm'?

More clarity is needed, I suggest, or a man page equivalent.

On June 20th what I am experiencing was described by Alan Jenkins on the 
cake list.

I note the latest posting by DT on this Cero-devel list apparently using 
an ADSL line as a source example, only uses raw flows.

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