[Cerowrt-devel] Correct syntax for cake commands and atm issues.

Fred Stratton fredstratton at imap.cc
Fri Jul 10 09:11:57 EDT 2015

I am using the latest version compiled by DT, after you last made this 
incompatibility comment on the cake list.

I happen to have compiled separately a build with your changes of 22 
days ago incorporated, but based on lupin undisclosed version 2. I shall 
try that.

I am making an assumption throughout this that qdiscs should be used on 
the WAN side always, effectively before the firewall. Is this assumption 

On 10/07/15 13:57, Jonathan Morton wrote:
> You're already using correct syntax - I've written it to be quite 
> lenient and use sensible defaults for missing information. There are 
> several sets of keywords and parameters which are mutually orthogonal, 
> and don't depend on each other, so "besteffort" has nothing to do with 
> "overhead" or "atm".
> What's probably happening is that you're using a slightly old version 
> of the cake kernel module which lacks the overhead parameter entirely, 
> but a more up to date tc which does support it. We've seen this 
> combination crop up ourselves recently.
> - Jonathan Morton

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