[Cerowrt-devel] openwrt build for ar71xx (wndr3800, archer, picostation, etc)

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Wed Jun 17 18:23:52 EDT 2015

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Not doing versioning...

my mission is to come up with something *stable* I can deploy across
several routers more than fiddle with new stuff. Not having snmp is an

+ openwrt head
+ built with libmusl for the first time (bunch of tools missing now)
+ this includes the latest changes for sqm-scripts and gui (no direct
support for cake in the gui), from sebastian from this morning
+ minstrel-blues and andrew mcgregors "minimum variance" patches
+ the latest cake from last night
+ babeld-1.6.1 (with ecn on by default)
+ dnsmasq-2.73
tested for all of a half hour. NOT tested as a default gw in particular.


- a really critical thing broke in the musl build - I use snmp a lot.
Can't deploy without it. Will try to fix.

- I missed setting the dnssec-timestamp option on by default in
/etc/config/dhcp correctly in the init file. Not sure what "correct"
is. (?)

- cake showed some issues in long rtt testing:

(but I am still having cable modem weirdnesses - am moving to an
emulated longer rtt environment shortly... after I flash a couple more

- and thus far I have been unable to build anything (uclibc or musl)
for the linksys ac1900.

- babel in openwrt head defaults to logging to flash by default which
I think is a really bad idea for general use... but useful right

- I would have thought that with

config globals 'globals'
        option ula_prefix 'fd59:c767:7910::/48'

That the system would have announced a /48 route for that. I am not
particularly fond of random ula's showing up everywhere, so I tend to
comment ula_prefix out. It is locally "unreachable" which is correct,
but babel only exports p2p routes by default... /me puzzles over

- too scared to try hnetd again. Anyone fiddling with it? (I need a
bunch of interior routers to "just work" at the moment)

- it defaults to a bridged vlan now. I am unfond of that, but I left
the vlan on to see if it would break anything...

+ without nat, forwards through pie, cake, fq_codel at 110mbit.

Dave Täht
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