[Cerowrt-devel] CeroWrt bits not in OpenWrt (renamed thread)

Alan Jenkins alan.christopher.jenkins at gmail.com
Thu Mar 12 20:53:25 EDT 2015

On 12/03/15 21:21, Dave Taht wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 12, 2015 at 1:31 PM, Alan Jenkins
> <alan.christopher.jenkins at gmail.com> wrote:
>> On 12/03/15 16:43, Rich Brown wrote:
>>> We're espousing the proposition that OpenWrt BB and later is a worthy
>>> successor to our beloved - and wicked reliable - CeroWrt 3.10.50-1.
>>> (See, for example, "CeroWrt Triumphs over Bufferbloat" at
>>> http://www.bufferbloat.net/news/ )
>>> I just tried this out myself, and the initial experience isn't
>>> good/well-documented/easy enough for ordinary people who want it to
>>> "just work".
> I am painfully more aware that chaos calmer does not do some of what
> we want, notably they really need to fix the dnsmasq-full package to
> include something like what we did for DNSSEC, or use tlsdate.
> I am equally painfully aware that doing what I want - actually getting
> down and dirty in the wifi stack, is HARD, and every minute I spend
> doing something else is a minute I lose doing that.
> It has long been my hope to find someone - or find someone willing to
> pay someone - to handle a higher density of integration of the good
> stuff into a user-installable distro. There are several high end
> distros of openwrt chaos calmer being maintained in the openwrt
> forums, perhaps we could leverage one of those.
> Of late, I have been spending more time trying to raise funding, than
> actually working.

Personally I'm happy if capable people spend coding time on wifi. Or 
non-coding time, trying to make it happen :-).  You don't need to 
apologize or justify it to us.  The world has qos-scripts in Barrier 
Breaker to prove fq_codel works against bufferbloat.  sqm-scripts in 
Chaos Calmer to work with "the production version of IP".  And tools to 
test it, and drivers that suck less...  Thank you & everyone else.

People love free stuff.  Please look after yourself :-).

I know there's much more left in Cero than DNS security, but - it's a 
whole 'nother research project!  You've shown the world what can be 
done, the results and source code are there.  Recently you mentioned 
looking at nftables, ISTM that project can look after itself.

I gave Rich what I knew, for practical write-ups.  Just because they 
might help spread the word.  Documentation is really helpful, even when 
the code can still be improved.

Alan "and don't let me bother you, I'm terrible with people"

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