[Cerowrt-devel] Problems testing sqm

Sebastian Moeller moeller0 at gmx.de
Fri Oct 23 13:45:10 EDT 2015

Hi Alan, hi Richard,

On Oct 23, 2015, at 19:02 , Alan Jenkins <alan.christopher.jenkins at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 23/10/2015, Richard Smith <smithbone at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I have a shiny new Linksys WRT1900ACS to test.
>> I thought it might be nice to start with some comparisons of factory
>> firmware vs OpenWRT with sqm enabled.
>> So I built and installed an openwrt trunk but the results were very
>> non-impressive.  Rrul test reported mulit-seconds of latency and it was
>> equally non-impressive with sqm enabled or disabled.  So I assumed that
>> sqm in trunk on this device must not work yet.  Then I wondered how well
>> sqm in trunk was tested and that perhaps its broken for all devices.
>> So I tested openwrt trunk on my Netgear 3700v2 and saw the same results.
>> Then I tried openwrt cc and got the same results.
>> Finally, I went to the reference implementation: cerowrt 3.10.50-1 on my
>> 3700v2.  Same results.
>> So at this point I'm thinking there's a PEBKAC issue and I'm not really
>> turning it on.
>> Here's my enable procedure:
>> Go the sqm tab in the GUI and set egress and ingress to 10000, set the
>> interface to the upstream interface,  click enable, click save and
>> apply. Everything else is left at default. ie fq_codel and simple.qos.
> Your description misses at least one step from the official how-to.
> May be worth checking:
> Start and Enable the SQM scripts. To do this, choose System → Startup
>    Click Start to start the SQM process
>    Click Enable to start the SQM process when the route reboots
> The how-to is here: http://wiki.openwrt.org/doc/howto/sqm

	The version in trunk and in CC as far as I know will automatically enable the “initab” if at least one sqm instance is set to enabled and that state is saved or saved&apply’d.

> The original qos-scripts definitely required that step.  IIRC, it's an
> openwrt convention that installing a package doesn't automatically
> enable its startup script.  However this wasn't strictly necessary for
> at least some drafts of the sqm code.  I don't know if the current
> version needs it or not.

	The current code should do that for you, but it might fail to do so. I note currenty sqm is quite terse about success or failure (one more thing on the secret todo list).

Best Regards

>> I've also tried a reboot after enabling those settings and then gone
>> back to the gui to verify they were still set.
>> My test setup:
>> Laptop<--1000BaseT-->DUT<--1000baseT-->Server
>> I run netperf-wrapper -H Server -l 30 rrul and look at the 'totals' or
>> 'all' plot.
>> If I run the above with this setup.
>> Laptop<--1000baseT-->Server
>> Then I get the expected 800-900Mbit/s with latencies < 15ms.  So I don't
>> think there's a problem with my test infrastructure.
>> What am I missing and or what's the next step in figuring out whats wrong?
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>> Richard A. Smith
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