[Cerowrt-devel] Communicating better about bloat/openwrt/our issues over the web

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Sun Mar 6 11:48:18 EST 2016

changed the topic line.

On Sat, Mar 5, 2016 at 3:41 PM, John Yates <john at yates-sheets.org> wrote:
> On Sat, Mar 5, 2016 at 6:34 PM, Luis E. Garcia <luis at bitamins.net> wrote:
>> +1
>> A blog format where we can also comment and document our
>> experiences/tweaks.

I am somewhat allergic to outsourcing the comment feature to disquis.
And discourse introduced all the same dependencies on complicated
ruby and postgres stuff that redmine did, and email (heck, netnews!)
is my preferred metier, even if I'm out of step...

However I value the comments in most blogs far, far, far more highly
than the actual content, most of the time.


Let me open the question - how do we get more people interested in
reading/writing about open firmware, bufferbloat, modded routers,
embedded boards, fighting with the FCC, etc?

 For example one thing we've never been able to take much advantage of
is the "planet" concept where content is federated via rss.

> While blogs typically support threaded commenting they do little to support
> curation of anything other than the main article. Perhaps a wiki would be
> better.

There has been very little interest of late in maintenance of the
existing redmine based bufferbloat.net wiki, only seeing one update in
the last month or two on cake.

The 350+ articles on it are in dire need of curation and update and
unification, which is kind of hard to do as wiki pages. A couple
should get pushed out to wikipedia.

The "cool kids" seem to have moved to github, and to slack. The
textile format of the wikitext for redmine vs wikipedia or markdown,
is also a barrier to entry. After be-ing overwhelmed by spam, also, I
stopped giving out editing accounts on it long ago except to those
that asked. All these problems have shrunk the potential writer-base
to maybe a core of 8-10 people that contribute occasionally.


I used to keep my lab notebook in public git, along with bits of
writing about each result. This was *very good for me* - but when we
started getting close to codel actually working, and I was told that a
patent hungry competitor was reading the git posts diligently, I froze
up. I've been kind of reluctant to write down anywhere a few things
important to get make-wifi-fast right, also, even after joining the
open inventions network...

Anyway - for bloggy stuff and a minimalistic website/wiki for cerowrt.org...

I have long been leaning towards converting the bufferbloat.net site
over to using a static site generator like hugo, with git as a backing
db, and to get away from redmine entirely - this is partially driven
by the fact we desperately needed to move the main bufferbloat.net
webserver out of it's co-lo months ago, and I have yet to get redmine
+ postgres + redmine backup to succeed. Too many moving parts... (any
postgres/redmine experts left in the house?)


Another option is to try to get space in something like arstechnica
but I doubt that suits much potential content or writers.

"It would be nice" to have a column somewhere around some concept that
made sense...

...but, like so much else in this world - writing doesn't pay anymore.

I am glad to be resurrecting my old blog a bit, 'cause I needed a
place to vent, and the currently editorless, no commercial content,
write-any-damn-thing-I-want, use any content management system I want,
with no advertising, is the only thing that is freeing up my
subconcious to be able to write at all.

> /john
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