[Cerowrt-devel] Turris Omnia

David Lang david at lang.hm
Sun Nov 6 19:52:50 EST 2016

On Sun, 6 Nov 2016, James Cloos wrote:

> I can't find any mailing list specifically about the Omnia, I hope
> someone here may have some tips...
> I've put my omnia into production, but the wireless is extremely
> sub-optimal.
> Things like the droid netinfo widget show 433 Mbps for the 11ac and 72
> Mbps on the 2.4, but throughput sucks.
> The thoughput seems backwards:  upload speeds eclipse download speeds.
> I'm using it only for my 802.11 wlan; its "wan" interface is on my
> primary switch, and I've set it for routing rather than bridging, with a
> /27 for each of the 5.0 and 2.4 (and a /24 its wired lan ports, which
> are not currently in use).
> As an example, rsync/ssh/tcp/ip reports net throughput of around 6 Mbps
> down on the 11ac, and around ten times that for upload.
> I tried 40Mhz and 20Mhz as well as just 11n on the 5.0 and there was no
> improvement over the 80Mhz 11ac.
> I'm doing a (Gentoo) emerge sync right now on the laptop, which only
> does 11n on 2.4.  That is almost OK for a change.  On the omnia,
> luci/admin/status/overview reports 135 Mbps for both up and down
> from/to the laptop (during said emerge sync).  And the rsync(1)
> output looks like it may be updating about that fast.
> That is vastly better than I previously saw.
> But even so, the 5.0 radio still never shows more than a 6Mbps download
> speed and spikes of up to 300 Mbps upload.
> I can't find anything online about backwards throughput for  802.11.
> The only search results talk about wan links rather than wlan links.
> Does anyone have any ideas of how to diagnose or fix this?

My first question is if you have checked that you don't have other 5GHz users on 
the same channel in your area.

Also, check that you have a country code set so that you can use the full 
power/frequency range for your location.

upload faster than download is unusual, but interference can cause strange 

Get the RF right before you worry about other things.

David Lang

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