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I wanted to let folks know that I've recently joined the Software
Controlled Radio sub-group of the FCC's Technical Advisory Council in
my role as prpl Community Manager. A press release about my
participation is at
The sub-group consists of members of industry and academia with FCC
staff observing. We've been tasked with providing background on and,
if possible, recommendations to the FCC on how to balance reducing
interference with protecting innovation and the flexible addition of
features. I'm coming into the the sub-group late in the process (the
report is supposed to be done this year) but in the first few weeks, I
think I've been able to add some important viewpoints from the open
source community.

While the final report will be public, I've been asked by the chair of
the committee to keep the draft report confidential. If anyone here is
willing to help and will keep the draft confidential, I'd welcome your



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