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Matthias Tafelmeier matthias.tafelmeier at gmx.net
Sun Dec 17 06:52:32 EST 2017

> I tend not to care as much about how long it takes for things that do
> not need R/T deadlines as humans and as steering wheels do.
> Propigation delay, while ultimately bound by the speed of light, is also
> affected by the wires wrapping indirectly around the earth - much slower
> than would be possible if we worked at it:
> https://arxiv.org/pdf/1505.03449.pdf

Enchanting that somebody actually quantified this intricacy!

*My* Addendum/Errata:

The alternative to a 'fast lane' backbone is not necessarily a mast
based microwave link as stated, which is probably infeasible/inflexible etc.

They were mentioning 'weather-balloons' as well- which actually boils
down to - I'm presuming this - the probably ongoing airborne platform
internet extension attempts by Goggle/Lockheed Martin etc., you call
them ...

These attempts are not based on balloons, but airships
('dirigible'-balloons so to speak), being able to stay aloft for
potentially years. That's widely known and so let's get them away, not
out for that.

NB. Airships are quite impressive for its own and therefore worth bein
recherched for!!!

What I actually wanted to posit in relation to that is that one could
get sooner a c-cabable backbone sibling by marrying two ideas: the
airborne concept ongoing as outlined plus what NASA is planning to bring
about for the space backbone, e.g [1][2]. It's laser based instead of
directed radio-wave only. Sure, both is in the speed range of c,
apparantely, laser transmission has in addition a significantly higher
bandwidth to offer. "10 to 100 times as much data at a time as
radio-frequency systems"[3]. Attenuations to photons in clean
atmospheric air are neglible (few mps - refractive index of about
1.0003), so actually a neglible slowdown - easily competing with top
notch fibres (99.7% the vacuum speed of light). Sure, that's the ideal
case, though, if cleverly done from the procurement of platforms and
overall system steering perspective, might feasible.




Besten Gruß

Matthias Tafelmeier

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