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Aaron Wood woody77 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 3 17:29:14 EST 2019

Yes, I have the v1 (mamba).  I jumped on it when it came out to get a
multicore arm with 802.11ac

On Sat, Feb 2, 2019 at 11:56 PM Mikael Abrahamsson <swmike at swm.pp.se> wrote:

> On Sat, 2 Feb 2019, Aaron Wood wrote:
> > What issues do you have with the wifi on the WRT1900AC?  Mine works
> > great. Although it struggles with cake at >150Mbps or so (when also
> > routing IPv4/NAT).  But then I'm still on 17.01.1 with driver
> > v10.3.2.0-20170110
> Sounds like you have the WRT1900ACv1 (with Armada XP SoC) considering your
> speed estimations?
> Does this have the same wifi hardware as the Armada 385 based devices
> (WRT1200AC, WRT1900ACv2, WRT1900ACS, WRT3200AC)? According to:
> https://openwrt.org/toh/hwdata/linksys/linksys_wrt1900ac_v1
> https://openwrt.org/toh/hwdata/linksys/linksys_wrt1900ac_v2
> https://openwrt.org/toh/hwdata/linksys/linksys_wrt1200ac
> it's all based on Marvell 88W8864 but I don't know if it's actually the
> same chip.
> OpenWrt 18.06.2 was released a few days back, I'm going to test it on my
> spare WRT1200AC. If someone can tell me their wifi problems I can try to
> replicate it with that hw...
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