[Cerowrt-devel] [Bloat] OT: Netflix vs 6in4 from HE.net

Toke Høiland-Jørgensen toke at toke.dk
Wed Mar 25 04:56:26 EDT 2020

"David P. Reed" <dpreed at deepplum.com> writes:

> Thanks, Colin, for the info. Sadly, I learned all about the licensing
> of content in the industry back about 20 years ago when I was active
> in the battles about Xcasting rights internationally (extending
> "broadcast rights" to the Web, which are rights that exist only in the
> EU, having to do with protecting broadcasters whose signals are
> powerful enough to cross borders of countries, so a whole new,
> non-copyright-based Intellectual Property Right was invented. WIPO
> wanted to argue that the Web was just like broadcasting across
> borders, so web pages should be burdened by Xcasting rights, along
> with all other copyrighted things.)
> What I wanted to know was exactly what you just said in passing: that
> he.net's address space was entirely blocked by Netflix because it
> wasn't accurately geolocated for "region restriction" enforcement.
> Whether I think that is "correct" or "reasonable", I just want to be
> able to get Netflix in my US house. Not to be any sort of "pirate"
> intentionally trying to break the license. I really just want that
> stuff to work as the license between Netflix and content provider
> requires (I'm sure the license doesn't say "block he.net").

This can also be achieved by filtering the DNS responses for Netflix.
Here's a guide for doing this with Bind and dnsmasq:


And here's someone who got annoyed enough to write a Python daemon to do
the same thing:



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