[Cerowrt-devel] [Bloat] OT: Netflix vs 6in4 from HE.net

Michael Richardson mcr+ietf at sandelman.ca
Thu Mar 26 16:29:18 EDT 2020

Mark Andrews <marka at isc.org> wrote:
    > Netflix could just redirect requests from HE.NET address ranges to IPv4
    > only servers and that would solve the issue for all HE.NET customers.
    > This isn’t the case of attempting to circumvent GEOIP rules.  They can
    > detect that the connection is coming from a HE.NET address range, they
    > can easily install a redirect.

Yeah. That's a good idea.

Maybe even just 404 (maybe faster than host unreachable) even when you
connect from an range they don't like, and make sure their client does Happy Eyeballs.

Users and/or he.net could find a way to (optionally!) blackhole route netflix
IPv6, but that may be very hard to maintain that list.

Michael Richardson <mcr+IETF at sandelman.ca>, Sandelman Software Works
 -= IPv6 IoT consulting =-

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