[Cerowrt-devel] AQL in openwrt head, but not 19 stable

Toke Høiland-Jørgensen toke at toke.dk
Mon Mar 30 06:50:43 EDT 2020

"David P. Reed" <dpreed at deepplum.com> writes:

> Pragmatically, I solve this by a mixed, manual strategy. My entry
> router at home isn't OpenWRT based, it only connects a WAN GigE port
> to a home LAN GigE port. I use multiple APs, and for now solve the
> "make wifi fast" problem by using one 5 GHz channel per AP, and enough
> APs so I can have only one laptop or phone per AP/channel. And the
> bulk of my heavy dutu use is wired to a 10 GigE backbone in the house.
> That way, most of my file transfers only interfere with the same
> endpoints interactions.
> I'd really like to not have to do this, but to be honest, maintaining
> OpenWRT, and dealing with the super-proprietary garbage in WiFi
> chipsets is just a waste of my time, which is spent on other efforts -
> I can buy my way out by treating APs as disposable, suboptimal crap.
> I'd really like to see someone fund you guys and to actually learn what you know.
> The atheros, broadcom, and other chip providers are the obvious source
> of support, but for some reason they don't want to compete on getting
> rid of bloat in the airwaves.
> Maybe some Chinese company is motivated to beat Qualcomm and Broadcom
> by going open in their packet handling driver code and letting you
> guys make it work?

That would be MediaTek (Taiwanese, though). They got Felix to write the
upstream driver (mt76), and I'm sure it'll surprise no one that it's
quite good. Haven't had a chance to actually install any of the hardware
yet, although I do have a few cards lying on my desk, biding their time.


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