[Cerowrt-devel] risc-v 2 ethernet port router

David P. Reed dpreed at deepplum.com
Sun May 7 18:22:33 EDT 2023

Celerons and Atoms have been doing just fine with fq_codel on 1 GigE. However, the prices for 2 port boxes seems to be about $200 with RAM and enough flash to boot LInux.
I personally think the time has come to start using 2.5 GigE on the typical 2 port home routers, and avoid USB, as it just makes support harder - use PCIe.
But I'm a special case, my home lab and all of my home is 10 GigE backbone, with 2.5 GigE to the wireless APs. This calendar year, I'm moving to either 25 or 40 GigE on the backbone and in the lab, but I haven't picked the final setup. Partly it depends on what I can get from my external ISP for a reasonable price - hopefully 2 Gig or better will come here, we have many competitors (3 cable providers and various small business fixed wireless).
I'm wondering about how fq_codel will handle these higher speeds on inexpensive computers.
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> > Well, I do not know if it is fq_codel capable. A lot of folk have been
> > missing on adding in BQL support of late, and as to whether it has the
> I mean... at $119, if it can do fq_codel, then the price is totally
> acceptable :-)
> > horsepower to do SQM at these rates is undetermined - I have generally
> > felt gobs of cache were required to do soft rate shaping.
> > Secondly, you can always add a 3rd ethernet port via usb nowadays.
> Yes, it's just less elegant if you want to have 5-6 of them in a lab.
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