[Cerowrt-users] 3.8.13-5

Fred Stratton fredstratton at imap.cc
Sat May 25 15:28:43 EDT 2013

I admit to not being in the best of moods after talking to the Inland Revenue technical support:

Q: Which browsers can I use to file a Tax Return under Linux?

A: Have you tried Internet Explorer?

Anyway, after typical end user manipulation

Rewriting henet part of network config using uci, the re-running a fragment of your setup script.

ipv6 works.

Firewall rules stop Chrome Remote Desktop operating. I have several headless machines. Netalyzr also would not run with that rule set.

scp'd in the firewall rules from previous build, which resolved both issues.

It would be interesting to know what you are trying to achieve with the new rules.

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