[Codel] new ns3 tree for codel/fq_codel (coping with mercurial and ns3)

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Thu Aug 9 19:33:45 EDT 2012

My previous import of ns3 into github from hg was not working out
well. So I have rebased the
ns3 sfq/codel/fq_codel tree on top of the latest ns3-dev code into a
new tree on github.

git clone git://github.com/dtaht/ns-3-dev.git

Hopefully this version will work out better. The code compiles and
runs but I have not
verified further. easiest way to get it to compile on ubuntu is to do a

apt-get build-dep ns3

to pull in the dependencies, then

./waf configure
./waf # to build it

and as one example test

cat ./testit

# Yes, capitalization is important.

#./waf --run "tcp-qfp --R1=10Mbps --R2=30Mbps --nNodes=15 --mNodes=10
--R=90Mbps --queueType=CoDel"

./waf --run "tcp-qfp --R1=10Mbps --R2=30Mbps --nNodes=15 --mNodes=10
--R=90Mbps --queueType=fq_codel"

This particular test will generate a string of pcap files against this
sim that can be analyzed with other tools
(wireshark/tcptrace + xplot.org)

If you wish to continue tracking ns3 head via mercurial (hg), the
hg-git tool is
your friend.


Dave Täht
http://www.bufferbloat.net/projects/cerowrt/wiki - "3.3.8-6 is out
with fq_codel!"

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