[Codel] [Ns-developers] Codel, fq_codel in ns3

Tom Henderson tomh at tomh.org
Tue Aug 14 00:27:11 EDT 2012

On 08/10/2012 01:32 PM, Dave Taht wrote:
> Andrew Mcgregor has developed some ns3 models of Kathie Nichols' and
> Van Jacobson's new codel algorithm and also incorporated Eric
> Dumazet's fq_codel derivative...
> VJ's ietf talk last week on codel and fq_codel is here:
> http://recordings.conf.meetecho.com/Recordings/watch.jsp?recording=IETF84_TSVAREA&chapter=part_3
> we just rebased the ns3 versions against current ns3 head,
> and exported it via hg-git to github...
> https://github.com/dtaht/ns-3-dev
> Certain parts of the algorithms remain under heavy development, but on
> the whole results are good.
> ideas on how to best move forward and sideways with this are welcomed.
> I would argue we need some time out of tree to bake further.

Dave, this looks interesting; to encourage some reviews, would you mind 
posting the patch on Rietveld, where we do our code reviews?


> (is anyone working on ecn in ns3?)

Not that I'm aware of.

- Tom

> (plug: codel is being tracked on the codel mailing list on
> lists.bufferbloat.net)

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