[Codel] [Cerowrt-devel] hardware hacking on fq_codel in FPGA form at 10GigE

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Thu Dec 20 10:05:15 EST 2012

OK, I ordered 2. It's not clear how the ethernet is fully implemented
(The marvel phy is documented, the actual ethernet interface is not so
far as I can see, so some source code  reading is going to be
required. )

I note that me doing this is also kind of driven by supplies of the
wndr3800 drying up. The prospect of having to do yet another port to
some other low-end hardware for cerowrt is depressing and mildly
intimidating. I'd rather do anything else than bring up yet another
board that will be obsolete in 6 months, when I'd rather be working at
a level far, far, above the hardware at this point. If I gotta do a
new board bring up, I'd rather switch to arm as I view MIPs as
basically dead (it's not dead, it's resting) at this point.

I also picked up a dreamplug today to BQL it. Not fond of that arm

As for cero's future, well...

The wndr3700v4 is out, and appears to be a good hardware upgrade from
the 3800 series, but it's not supported by openwrt yet.

I took a look at their GPL source distribution. And yea! it's openwrt.
And boo! it's ancient openwrt, for example dnsmasq is 2.39 (current is
2.64), and their kernel is 2.6.31.

I think the cpu and ethernet chips tho look a lot better: Atheros
AR9344+ AR9580(5GHz)+AR9344(2.4GHz). It's my hope these do ipv6

I have looked at similar products from buffalo and others, would like
external antennas and a good switch this time around. Thoughts?

Dave Täht

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