[Codel] Python scripts from ns-3-dev GitHub repo

Igor Maravić igorm at etf.rs
Thu Jan 31 05:57:38 EST 2013

Thanks Andrew,

I managed to start simulations. Unfortunately it wasn't as easy as expected.

You forgot to add patch that added some cmd line arguments to tcp-qfp
and which you're using in python script + there were some problems
with python script.

Anyway, Thanks :)


2013/1/31 Andrew McGregor <andrewmcgr at gmail.com>:
> Ok, so multirun.py runs a whole set of experiments.  The various commented
> bits of code around line 85 give ways to do ranges of options in several
> different ways.  The options are just passed as text to tcp_qfp.cc.  It runs
> experiment cases in parallel, one for each core in your machine.
> That will produce a huge number of files, with names that tell you which
> experiment they belong to and which nodes in the topology they were
> collected from.  Then you can analyse them.
> burstmemoryestimators.py is a graphing routine that gives you a whole lot of
> information about what happened in each run.  It opens the ptrace files left
> by the experiment (passed as an argument, you want a file called something
> like tcp_qfp-1-11-Left.pcap if there were 10 nodes in your experiment), and
> calculates a bunch of statistics: packet interarrival time (blue dots),
> burstiness metric (red) and queue markov memory metric (green).
> The burstiness metric runs from -1 (periodic) through 0 (Poisson process) to
> +1 (1/f noise).
> The memory metric is zero if the queue is perfectly memoryless, and non-zero
> proportional to how much memory it has.  Thus it shows the queue's
> contribution to interarrival time statistics.  Note that a queue is
> memoryless both if it is empty OR if it is completely full, and this metric
> is signed (negative if the queue is draining).
> It only makes sense to run this script on a leaf link; if there is more than
> one flow, the estimators will not track flows separately and thus will not
> make sense.
> On Wed, Jan 30, 2013 at 11:21 PM, Igor Maravić <igorm at etf.rs> wrote:
>> Hi Andrew,
>> I'm trying to use useful python scripts from ns-3-dev GitHub repo, but
>> unsuccessfully.
>> Could you provide some usage cases on how they should be used?
>> BR
>> Igor
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