[Codel] About Packet Drop in Codel

Richard Scheffenegger rscheff at gmx.at
Thu Feb 26 13:32:58 EST 2015

Hi Divya,

is this really the only metric that you are interested in?

What kind of topology and traffic pattern are you using? I would suggest to read the recent posts by Dave Taht around this topic (perhaps looking into ns-3, as the more modern simulator, featuring RRUL test), and also not focus too much on packet loss.

I would think, that the average and induced latency your RED TCP sessions are expiriencing were higher than those governed by CoDel?

What was the effective goodput, and the utilization of  your bottleneck link?

Qualitatively - I'd expect slightly sooner, and sometimes (within an RTT - so not much problem for TCP CC) more losses with Codel (depending where they happen) in order for it to get induced latency under control. But quantitatively, the losses shouldn't be orders of magnitude more, only so much to have a well running control loop there.

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  Hi Members,
  i am doing M.tech and my research topic is AQM.
  i tried to run codel with ns-2.35.
  And i found packet loss is more in codel as compared to RED.
  is there anybody who also thinks the same or is it in my case only?
  Am i doing something wrong?


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