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I am looking for a hands on, experienced network and RF manager, with
administrative abilities in a one person department (to start) to
replace a local consultant who is retiring next year; and who would
work directly with the owner/business manager.

The WISP has about 3,000 customers in 3-4 counties around San Antonio,
TX. Prefer someone in-house but remote is possible as long as can be
on site when needed and available exclusive to the WISP. A consulting
firm with someone dedicated to us is also an option. Another option
may be for us to acquire a smaller WISP with engineering strengths
that we don’t have.

Major vendors used are Ubiquiti, Cambium, MikroTik, Aviat, AirSpan,
Telrad, Sonar and Preseem.

Greg Huber, Manager CellTex Networks, LLC 1-210-219-5529

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