[LibreQoS] Quantifying the quality attenuation of WiFi

Bjørn Ivar Teigen bjorn at domos.no
Mon Nov 28 13:59:11 EST 2022

Hi everyone, and thank you very much for the introduction Dave!

I've been low-key following the Libreqos stuff for a while now, and I'm
very impressed by what you are doing.

At Domos we're focusing on convincing ISPs (EU and US mostly) that
consistent low-latency is the metric they should be focusing on (and that
latency performance is, in fact, generally very bad). That starts with
measurements, and our solution is based around doing
latency measurements from home gateways.

The document Dave is referring to is public here:
It describes a standard way of measuring latency+loss (Which is what
quality attenuation is; A combination of latency and loss in a single

I've signed up for this mailing list now so please shout if you need me :)


On Mon, 28 Nov 2022 at 19:00, Dave Taht <dave.taht at gmail.com> wrote:

> All:
> Intro to bjorn, head of research for domos.no in the eu. Attached is a
> recent paper of his looking over how wifi works using their analytical
> methods.
> For the record, the math behind ∆Q makes my head hurt. It has always
> made my head hurt. I understand packet loss, FQing and delay, and have
> been seeking a good analytical method, in paritcular, for
> videconferencing quality, for quite a while. I was happy to see all
> the netflix metrics go by the other day...
> Also bjorn had sent me a really big document about some broadband
> forum work his group is doing, and I don't remember if that was public
> or private, he'd asked me to review it
> at least, and I spaced on it halfway through, and perhaps it is
> published now and he can point us in the right direction. (sorry
> bjorn! Terrrrrribly busy here of late)
> Domos is positioning itself as a "latency manager" - seemingly
> primarily in the eu 5G and Docsis markets, with APIs to "control
> stuff" at the kind of layer libreqos works at.  We here
> are mostly positioned in the WISP and fiber markets, as well as
> perhaps other forms of managed networks... tho it would be nice if 5G
> in particular was paying more attention!
> ... and we all are trying to work together to reduce latency on the
> internet, and perhaps there will be synergy someday here.
> Anyway, an intro to domos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cO-8Q1N9TKU
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> Subject: Quantifying the quality attenuation of WiFi
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> Hi Dave,
> I saw your tweets about the p99 conference. This paper of mine about
> latency distributions on WiFi was just published at the LCN 2022 and I
> thought you might enjoy it!
> Cheers,
> Bjørn
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