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Subject: Last Mile ISP Quality Measurements
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What are other last mile ISPs doing to measure the quality of their
connections? We all know pinging various destinations. We also all know
that pinging a destination doesn't necessarily tell you the whole quality

I currently have Smokeping pulling the HTTPS for about 20 - 25 of the "top"
websites, per the old Alexa rankings. I feel as though I could be doing
more. I am more closely wanting to emulate the end-user experience in a
repeatable, quantifiable fashion. I'd like to do A/B comparisons as well.
When I make X change, how does it change?

If I'm already doing the low-hanging fruit path, then so be it.

Mike Hammett
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Midwest Internet Exchange <http://www.midwest-ix.com/>
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Podcast: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bxmoBr4cBKg
Dave Täht CSO, LibreQos
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