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I’m not the expert in the room, however I find the report lacking in one
very important area.  All these results on latencies, speed, etc., are
categorized based on users “first mile access” technology, leqding the
reader to believe the sole source of these numbrs is the “first mile” which
of course it is not.  They do not address the as important issues of the
rest of what’s between “end-2-end”.  Take a look at the gaming latency
results, and you see games hosted in America have very high latencies for
users in New Zealand 
 duhhhhhh!  This can’t be news.  


While not trivial by any means, what could/should be done to make these data
more useful for consumers is to figure out the effect of everything past the
“first mile/first hop” and break it out separately.  That way, a (moderately
intelligent) user could make a reasonably informed cost-benefit analysis on
which combination of first mile technology and back-end service provider to
choose, assuming there were service providers that offered a choice of
“first-mile’ access, or backhaul providers that served a variety of “first
mile” providers.  Guess we’re a few years away from that :-)




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I do wish that it broke it out by provider, and recommended somehow to

those suffering still, install a better device... VDSL can be made

vastly more tolerable. Otherwise pretty good, and brings in





To pick on samknows a little bit, I think the test does not run long

enough, and should be pulling from higher than what appears to be the

75th percentile.






Dave Täht CSO, LibreQos


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