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Sorry have been pretty quiet lately as I've tried to slot some overdue leave in and have been on the road. The most experimenting I've done in the last month has been trying to check out what polar latitude a Ka-band GEO based aircraft WiFi system loses its connectivity at - thanks to Vladimir Putin on a now 14-something hour flight from Haneda to Frankfurt that goes way up there. Answer: somewhere not too far north of Alaska.

NZ broadband survey & Starlink: Pretty much what we saw a few months ago. Given that Starlink seem to manage average load by putting the throttle on subscriptions based on location, I don't expect this to change much longer term either. Goodput depends on how much of a satellite's capacity you can grab, which depends on the number of currently competing users, which they manage closely. Oh and yes the latencies... I suspect that as long as they have full satellite utilisation and the latencies aren't so extreme that they impact on voice / video comms, Starlink will probably just sit pretty, especially if the extra buffering helps absorb windfall load from new handovers.

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I do wish that it broke it out by provider, and recommended somehow to
those suffering still, install a better device... VDSL can be made
vastly more tolerable. Otherwise pretty good, and brings in


To pick on samknows a little bit, I think the test does not run long
enough, and should be pulling from higher than what appears to be the
75th percentile.

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