[LibreQoS] v1.4 bug review request

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Sat Mar 18 11:50:56 EDT 2023

It is extremely obvious we are going to miss our March 31st ship date
for v1.4. I have been lax about getting through the
checklist, and excitedly watching all v1.5 the new development in the
heimdall branch, and busy on other matters.

We have closed 53! 53! bugs on the path to v1.4 so far. A huge hug to
everyone that helped!

The v1.4-rc2 candidate has been very stable for everyone (so far as we
know), and I am tempted to punt *all 28* the remaining bugs on the
milestone for v1.4 to the next release, or later.

But it would be very helpful if others here could burn an hour leaning
on reviewing these, comment, and see what actionable items can be
extracted (quite a few of these feel "90% done", can we close them and
create a new bug?), and especially, highlight any you feel are genuine
barriers to the v1.4 release of LibreQos. Also if you are experiencing
any new issues with v1.4-rc2, please file bugs on it!

Thank y'all for strapping yourself in to tackle this tedious task.


There is also the checklist here:

If this email reminder doesn't work, we will do a videoconference to
go through them, and if that doesn't work, hot irons and bungie cords
will be distributed, and if that doesn't work...

Come Heckle Mar 6-9 at: https://www.understandinglatency.com/
Dave Täht CEO, TekLibre, LLC

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