[LibreQoS] Bifrost XDP-Accelerated Bridge + preserve VLAN tags?

Jan Rovner jan.rovner at diadema.cz
Sat Mar 18 15:16:00 EDT 2023

Hello everybody,

I apologize for yet another question related to bridge mode, but a part of our network is currently designed like that it would perfecly fit:

I would like to setup LibreQoS with two interfaces - one facing the core router, the other facing the customers. The payload is carried in bunch of VLANs.

i.e.: Customer -- LibreQoS -- router, where LibreQoS device acts as a transparent and VLAN-aware bridde.

Can LibreQos with "bifrost bridge" mode operate like this and keep VLAN tags?

Thank you for explanation.

Jan Rovner
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