[LibreQoS] network.json and ShapedDevices.csv for Multi-Wan SOHO

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On Mon, Mar 20, 2023 at 7:03 PM Mike Loiterman via LibreQoS
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> Hello, all.
> Really new to LibreQoS, but so far it’s been working really, really well with my pfSense setup.

So wonderful to see you trying it. Are you using v1.3, v1.4-rc2 or the
heimdall (v1.5) branch?

> I’d like some input on how best to setup my network.json and ShapedDevices.csv given the following parameters:
> 1. I have three very asymmetric WANs that connect to my pfSense Edge router/firewall:
>         a. WAN_1 - 1200/35
>         b. WAN_2 - 25/2
>         c. WAN_3 - 50/4
> 2. pfSense connects to my Layer 3 Aruba 2920 switch via a single 10gig transit link so:
>         a. pfSense:
>         b. 2920:
> 3. LibreQoS sits between the pfSense and the 2920 with 10gig layer2 bridge between and setup on an intel X710.
> 4. Behind pfSense I have the following VLAN layout:
>         a. VLAN_1 @ via WAN_1
>         b. VLAN_2 @ via WAN_1
>         c. VLAN_3 @ via WAN_2
>         d. VLAN_4 @ via WAN_3
> So, given these parameters, can anyone provide some general tips on how to structure the two files?

It doesn't sound to me as though you need much of a network.json. A
flat topology will suffice, unless you need to model multiple devices
further down the chain from VLAN_X.

As for the upstream though, load balancing that is kind of painful and
more the domain of pfsense than libre.

Additionally, shaping those upstreams properly is problematic, I would
probably use pfsenses's native fq_codel implementation on each of
those WAN interfaces to install an upper limit for egress but on
ingress... hmm... and in either case something needs to attempt to
direct the "right" amount of traffic through those interfaces.

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