[LibreQoS] LibreQoS upstream + Cake/FQ_Codel in CPE Router?

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> Hi all,
> Is it recommended (or not), to run Cake/FQ_Codel in CPE routers, even if
> LibreQoS is running upstream?

We recommend running cake on the CPE up, and LibreQos to manage the down.
It is very helpful to have cake running in nat mode on the actual device
doing nat (and in that case managing the down also at that device can help)

We recommend using wifi routers that run fq_codel natively on the wifi,
also, as at higher rates the bottlenecks' bloat shift to the wifi.


Many devices support fq_codel on the wifi natively, the eero 5, evenroute,
and many gl.inet products do.

> If so, which are the advantages?

Running cake on the actual bottleneck  prevents malignant traffic from
escaping the home network. A mere ping flood can be controlled by libreqos,
but it is better to slow that down and mix it up with all the other traffic
at the cpe. The algorithms for ack-filtering and congestion management are
always more accurate when put on the actual bottleneck.

Also, I'm assuming I will have to set up the router with a lower bandwidth
> than the assigned by LibreQoS?


> For instance, if LibreQoS is assigning 13Mbit to the customer, the router
> (with Cake or FQ_Codel) enabled need to have a limit of ~11Mbit?

On up from the cpe traffic, you should be able to use the same number as
you use in libreqos. For shaping the down at the cpe the historical
recommendation has always been 85-90%, but with libreqos managing that, no
shaping of the down is needed, although I do call out the nat case as a
potential exception.

> Please advise. Thanks!
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