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> On Sep 29, 2023, at 08:31, Gert Doering <gert at space.net> wrote:
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> On Fri, Sep 29, 2023 at 08:24:13AM +0200, Sebastian Moeller via Starlink wrote:
>> 	[SM] In the EU we have this as a continuous lobbying effort by big incumbent ISPs (a move to have the large content providers (CAPs) shoulder their "fair" share of the cost of modernizing the networks*), why this flys with at least some EU politicians is that the intended payees of this scheme are all located outside the EU and hence will have little support by the EU citizenry... (The latter is IMHO not fully undeserved either, the days of "do no evil" are long behind us and big tech often forgets that we are all in this together, but I digress). In the EU one of these days such an effort might actually succeed, as much as I dislike this.
> And then the local incumbent uses that line of argument to arm-twist
> all the smaller ISPs to pay them for traffic into their network...
> (and calling up fees well above normal market rates for "transit").

	Indeed, but that only flies because the regulators so far only feel responsible for the end-customer to internet access provider links, and explicitly exempt AS interconnect from their regulatory efforts. Given how complicated this can become I have some sympathy for their position, the national incumbent however plays a somewhat dangerous game, if he makes things too obvious it will likely result in regulatory interventions. This is also why the product sold is not "access to our eye-balls" but access "to the whole internet, including our eye-balls" yet at a cost that nobody is likely to use to access anything but that ISPs eye-balls. As much as it pains me that is behavior not untypical for large corporations these days...


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