[LibreQoS] [Rpm] [Bloat] [Starlink] net neutrality back in the news

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Fri Sep 29 11:19:58 EDT 2023

On 9/29/23, 09:29, "Rich Brown" <richb.hanover at gmail.com <mailto:richb.hanover at gmail.com>> wrote:
> Thank you Jonathan for this clear description of the issues and their history. I wonder if there's a fourth one - privacy. 
> Rosenworcel's talk also points out that ISPs might want to monetize our traffic patterns and location data. (This is less of an issue in the EU, but the US remains a Wild West in this regard.) 

That reference is to mobile networks in the US - but the US-EU contrast you make is a good one! The EU IMO does privacy right - it is not sector-specific regulation but is general privacy protecting law that protects user data no matter the entity collecting/aggregating/sharing. In the US we seem to pursue sector-specific privacy law - like specific to credit cards. What we end up with is a real mess and I would love to see comprehensive national data privacy legislation - but our legislative body can’t even agree right now to keep our government funded past this coming Sunday. ;-)

IANAL but it seems like if the US wanted to provide comprehensive location data privacy then it would have a uniform law that applied not just to a MNO with towers that can locate a handset, but also what the apps loaded on that handset with access to GPS can do with the data as well - and any other party that might be able to collect data.


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