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this thread was quite interesting on high density wifi deployments


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On 6/20/2015 11:32 PM, Randy Bush wrote:
>> My understanding is that the most recent NANOG had issues with clients
>> picking channels sequentially vs by signal strength. There may have
>> been other issues but when all devices use 149 because that's the
>> first they can and they get link that's not good.
>> If people know of tricks to solve this when there are 600-1000 devices
>> per room i am certain the NANOG eng team would love to know about it.
> not really; they're in denial.  why did san antonio work; the only nanog
> in 4 or more which did?  why does ietf work?
> wireless is ugly.  few know how to deploy at scale.  it's just not easy.
> randy

If people are curious what Cisco does for their 3x a year Cisco Live
events (last week in San Diego there was 35TB of data transferred over
that network), there's a panel discussion about how they deploy things
and what tools they use for it.

That's the session from Milan 2014, may require a free account to view
the slides and video.
The session from San Diego is at
Doesn't look like they've finalized the slides and video for that
session yet though.

In Milan they deployed 325 APs across 6 controllers (3 HA pairs). From
experience at the US Live events, there's 10-15K people in the main
hall during keynotes, there's probably close to 100 APs in that room
alone with the stadium antennas for the density needed. There's a LOT
of people trying to tweet during and this year periscope the keynote

If people are interested, I know a couple of the Cisco folks tend to
lurk on this and other lists and can probably provide more details if
asked nicely.

Jeremy "TheBrez" Bresley
brez at brezworks.com

Dave Täht
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