[Make-wifi-fast] on outreach on bufferbloat, cake, fq_codel to the voip/videoconferencing industries

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Sun Oct 18 09:54:14 EDT 2015

I gotta say that I think, the cake technology is a breakthrough that
the entire videoconferencing and voip industry would love. (and make
suggestions to improve).

IF we are at a stable point on the code (it seems like we are,
probably should go and backport it all the way to linux 3.4, tho), it
would be nice to revise a letter requesting testing much like the one
I sent to the freeswitch folk, and spread it across all voip and
videoconferencing forums we can find, to get more serious testing and

To do that we could use a co-ordinator(s) to find all the possible
company forums and mailing lists, and then a group of people to signup
to a subset of each one, send a post (cc-ing the cake list), and stay
on to answer questions.

For some reason, this course of action seems more productive than me
and toke finally (tomorrow?) getting cake into the testbed...

Could I get a volunteer/or volunteers to tackle this, and do up a
spreadsheet, shared with google docs, to make a push to get cake more

Dave Täht
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