[Make-wifi-fast] half the transmission time?

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Wed Dec 14 18:55:23 EST 2016

H/T to Bruno Moraes:

"Over   half   of   the   transmission   time   in   WiFi networks  is
 dedicated  to  ensuring  that  errors  are  corrected  or detected.
 Despite    these    mechanisms,    many    studies    have concluded
  that    frame    error    rates    vary.    An    increased
understanding of why frames are lost is a pragmatic approach to
improving    real    world    802.11    throughput.    The
potential beneficiaries  of  this research,  include  rate  control
algorithms, Modulation  and  Coding  Schemes,  simulation  models,
frame  size selection    and    802.11    configuration    guidelines.
   This    paper presents a measurement study of the factors which
correlate with packet  loss  in  802.11  WiFi.  Both  passive  and
active  approaches were  used  to  investigate  how  the  frame  size,
 modulation  and coding  scheme  and  airtime  effect  the  loss
rate.  Overall,  packet errors  were  high,  but  the  size  of
frames  were  not  a  major determinant  of  the  loss  rate.  The
loss  rate  decreased  with  the airtime  but  at  substantially
lower  rates  than  those  suggested  in simple  packet  error
models.  Future  work  will  further  try  to isolate  and investigate
 specific  errors,  such  as  head  on  collisions in the preamble"

Dave Täht
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