[Make-wifi-fast] AREDN and Make Wifi Fast

Dave Täht dave at taht.net
Sat Feb 6 13:04:17 EST 2016

The simplest thing you can do today to improve latency on your ath9k
devices is to disable wmm (802.11e), and to reduce the ath9k driver
queues to smaller sizes. I typically run the yurtlab network with a
qlen_be of 12 (slow links) to 24 rather than the default.

On links with significant speed issues, congestion or interference, I
typically increase the fq_codel target to 20ms.

We have fiddled with using large quantums with per-dst FQ on ptp links
with some success on top of that.

In all cases it helps to have a set of flent runs for each change.
Throughput will drop, fairness and latency will improve. The yurtlab
userbase is generally oblivious to a speed problem, it's having low
latency for gaming, dns, and basic web traffic that works for them.

None of the above are "optimal" fixes in any way, but perhaps you will
get some use from them.

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