[Make-wifi-fast] AREDN and Make Wifi Fast

Trevor Paskett snoopytjp at gmail.com
Sat Feb 6 14:50:46 EST 2016

Thanks for the info, we will test these changes in our lab.

With wifi are you using fq_codel alone or with htb? If with htb how are you determining the rates to use?

If you could share the tc / iptables commands you are using in the yurtlab that would help alot.

> On Feb 6, 2016, at 11:04 AM, Dave Täht <dave at taht.net> wrote:
> The simplest thing you can do today to improve latency on your ath9k
> devices is to disable wmm (802.11e), and to reduce the ath9k driver
> queues to smaller sizes. I typically run the yurtlab network with a
> qlen_be of 12 (slow links) to 24 rather than the default.
> On links with significant speed issues, congestion or interference, I
> typically increase the fq_codel target to 20ms.
> We have fiddled with using large quantums with per-dst FQ on ptp links
> with some success on top of that.
> In all cases it helps to have a set of flent runs for each change.
> Throughput will drop, fairness and latency will improve. The yurtlab
> userbase is generally oblivious to a speed problem, it's having low
> latency for gaming, dns, and basic web traffic that works for them.
> None of the above are "optimal" fixes in any way, but perhaps you will
> get some use from them.

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