[Make-wifi-fast] Updated LEDE build with airtime patches

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Sat Nov 19 12:18:11 EST 2016

Thx noah! I just tried this, and aside from lacking babeld by default
(I need this to dynamically reroute the testbed), your QCA build works
on the uap-lite.

On the ath10k side, I get ~300mbit download rates from the osx box,
(vs 150-200 on the archer) via the uap-lite, with about 12ms latency
(in line with expectations). (in both test series I was using vht80).
However, I do not see codel induced drops on that side:

9a:d9# cat aqm
tid ac backlog-bytes backlog-packets new-flows drops marks overlimit
collisions tx-bytes tx-packets
0 2 0 0 204580 0 0 0 0 1463032915 954453

And latencies get way higher if I use vht40, so I kind of suspect we
still have multiple issues here.

as for the first issue: dropping at the ag71xx? NAPI bug (as pointed
out by eric dumazet)? Not enough patches?

As for the latter, I was concerned about the NAPI patches recently
added in for the ath10k, but don't know if those are in the 4.4
backport to lede.

I'd rather like to try a napi budget of like 16, rather than 64 on
router platforms that can't achieve a gbit in the first place.


There is a great deal more work to do on testing more stations (I
usually have to shut down the yurtlab in the winter, and cluttering up
the apt with dozens of wifi stations is a matter of ongoing
negotiation with gf), channels, rates, etc - I'm merely happy to have
a smoke test succeed enough to be able to encourage more to try this
stuff - and my first priority is nailing the ath9k to perfection.....

the snapon build server has long been standing idle, if you want to
use that for future builds.


Testing the 2.4ghz (ath9k HT20) side of the uap, I get similar results
as to the archer, and  sane codel drops, etc, with about 40Mbits of
throughput and sane latency (given how crowded the air is at the apt
I'm surprised it's even this good)


# cat aqm
tid ac backlog-bytes backlog-packets new-flows drops marks overlimit
collisions tx-bytes tx-packets
0 2 168740 110 11230 644 0 0 0 239846710 156783

On Fri, Nov 18, 2016 at 7:00 PM, Noah Causin <n0manletter at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Dave,
> I built firmware for your Ubiquiti AC Lite from Toke's updated repository.
> https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B86IEgnrkAk0YkxMalhlUUsyOFU?usp=sharing
> There are two versions.
> I made one using LEDE's stock ath10k firmware and one using Candelatech's
> ath10k firmware.
> Packages:
> luci-ssl-openssl kmod-sched-cake luci-app-sqm luci-app-ntpc nano ethtool
> ebtables-firewall ebtables-netfilter openssh-sftp-server dnsmasq wpad
> basic-iputils (ping, ping6, etc...)
> iperf iperf3 netperf tcpdump
> I changed the Cake and sqm-scripts Makefiles to point to their latest stable
> git versions.
> I changed the ath10k-firmware and ath10k-ct Makefiles to point to updated
> versions.
> LEDE stock ath10k firmware:
> From
> firmware-5.bin_10.
> To
> firmware-5.bin_10.
> Candelatech ath10k firmware:
> From
> firmware-2-ct-full-community.bin-18.rc1-lede
> To
> firmware-2-ct-full-community.bin-18.rc2-lede
> Noah Causin
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