[Make-wifi-fast] http://blog.cerowrt.org/post/fq_codel_osx/

moeller0 moeller0 at gmx.de
Thu Sep 1 10:31:23 EDT 2016

Hi Dave, hi List,

your result of macosx uplink hogging all airtime as compared to the AP reminded me that I saw the same a while ago on local flent test between linux via ethernwt to a cerowrt wndr3700v2 via 5GHz radio to a macbook pro (10.9, so similar to your air). And the macbooks uplink completely starved the AP tx bandwidth. So this specific issue might not be related to the new ath9k changes at all…

Best Regards
P.S.: My macbook died so I currently can not even attempt to repeat the old tests, let alone test the new code…

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