[Make-wifi-fast] bloated ath10k, extra latency at lower rates?

Jon Pike jonpike54 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 10 13:23:42 EST 2019

This might be a good time to mention an observation I've seen that's
related to this.

I have noticed about the same as reported,  10's down to single digits on
my ath9k radios, and a similar 20ms-30ms on the ath10k's.  Thats at high
signal strength and the highest data rates.  But, I've also noticed that
it's different if you get farther out in range, and you end up on the
slower signaling speeds.

Under those conditions, I'm seeing the ath9k latency rise only slightly,
maybe to 20-30ms, while the ath10k will go up more drastically,  like a
continuous 100-150ms or more.  Been meaning to mention it to see if it
should be considered as an issue.

Haven't dug too deeply to quantify this much yet,  and have been going thru
different setup changes, versions of OpenWrt, etc which complicates

Current setup is C7's as dumb AP's, with a Zotac x86 box doing routing.
Have had 17.01.6, 18.06.1, 18.06.2, and recent snapshot on these, with
their various vintages of drivers and associated code.

Couldnt tell you as of now if all of the above versions have the behavior
or not.  Willing to investigate more if its thought important.
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