[Make-wifi-fast] Does Ubiquiti Unifi have bufferbloat and unfair/bloated WiFi scheduling?

David P. Reed dpreed at deepplum.com
Thu May 23 14:46:19 EDT 2019

I have been chatting with a startup in the Multi-User Dwelling networking operations space, and they seem to really be attracted to Ubiquiti Unifi systems. I can't blame them for wanting a comprehensive and evolving system.
But on the questions related to bufferbloat and making wifi both low latency and fast, I really don't know much about these products. (I have a Unifi 10 Gb/sec switch as my home/lab fiber backbone, but that's not really relevant to answering this question).
So, since you, Dave, and others have been talking about real-world fq_codel etc. and faster wifi scheduling, does anyone know what the status at Ubiquiti is?
I know some here run OpenWRT/LEDE on Unifi APs, but that's not my question, really.
Any knowledge out there?
(I'd like to recommend that they run some actual load tests - flent RRUL, etc. - but I think they might need some help).
Personally I have no stake whatever in their use, but I'd love to get someone to start solving the bloat and queueing/scheduling problems.
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