[Make-wifi-fast] Scaling airtime weight in dynamic mode

Joachim Bodensohn joachim.bodensohn at adiccon.de
Wed Aug 25 07:36:59 EDT 2021

Hello there, 

we did some tests with airtime scheduling in dynamic mode and found, that dynamically calculated weights (256, 512, 768, ..) had no effect upon airtime scheduling and resulting traffic throughput.
The issue seems to be similar as reported by https://lists.bufferbloat.net/pipermail/make-wifi-fast/2020-September/002933.html , because when we made tests with static mode, we had to scale weights to higher values e.g., 45000 and 15000 and set AQL threshold of 5000 and limits per AC 0/5000 to observe the expected outcome.
It seems, that one need some scaling factor in dynamic mode, which scales the results of the dynamic weight calculations to higher values.
Does someone have any idea on how to solve this problem e.g., by scaling the dynamically calculated weights to appropriate values in dynamic mode?


Measurements have been done with openwrt snapshot releases on "pcengines apu2 with Compex WLE900VX 802.11ac and ath10k" as well as with ubuntu 20.04 with kernel 5.13.0, hostapd 2.9 compiled from scratch and wifi card "QCA986x/988x 802.11ac" with ath10k.
Measurements have been done with four iperf3probes which had been assigned to multi-bss respectively.
Some results are reported in attachments below.
 Attachment 1 shows example of measurements in dynamic mode 
Attachment 2 shows example of measurements in static mode

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