openssh over ipv6 breakage

Dave Taht dave.taht at
Tue Aug 9 11:15:41 EDT 2011

I was wondering why interactive openssh was odd over ipv6.

Now I need not know any longer. From openssh/packet.c:

static void
packet_set_tos(int tos)
#if defined(IP_TOS) && !defined(IP_TOS_IS_BROKEN)
        if (!packet_connection_is_on_socket() ||
        debug3("%s: set IP_TOS 0x%02x", __func__, tos);
        if (setsockopt(active_state->connection_in, IPPROTO_IP, IP_TOS,
            sizeof(tos)) < 0)
                error("setsockopt IP_TOS %d: %.100s:",
                    tos, strerror(errno));

-- void
packet_set_interactive(int interactive, int qos_interactive, int qos_bulk)
        if (active_state->set_interactive_called)
        active_state->set_interactive_called = 1;

        /* Record that we are in interactive mode. */
        active_state->interactive_mode = interactive;

        /* Only set socket options if using a socket.  */
        if (!packet_connection_is_on_socket())
        packet_set_tos(interactive ? qos_interactive : qos_bulk);

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