[Bloat] suggestions for enhancing AQM

sahil grover sahilgrover013 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 6 04:15:32 EST 2015


For my research work ,i want to enhance AQM.

And i was thinking to improve CoDel by managing UDP flows because it
allocates disproportionate share of bandwidth to tcp's when misbehaving UDP
flows are there(transmitting data at very high rate).

And when i checked with sfq_CoDel,this problem is resolved. It maintains
the throughput of tcp's.

So can anybody tell me limitations of codel ,sfq_codel so that i can work
on it.

or any suggestions to make CoDel,Sfq_CoDel even better.

Please keep in mind, right now i can work only on ns2.

And i want  each and everyone to  share their ideas ,it would be  useful
for all

please reply.

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