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The cost of the labor is less than one might think. I've found it's 
cheaper to train young people in the trades to do this work vs using an 
overpriced company that mostly targets "rich corporations."

It's also a golden egg or geese that can lay golden eggs thing. Let's 
train our youth well here. Some of us will be pushing up daisies before 
they finish. None of us have a guarantee of tomorrow.

> I've never met a Comcast sales person who was able to operate at the
> level you're talking about. I think you would do better with a smaller
> company.
> I think you were also unrealistic if not disingenuous about lives put
> at risk. Alarms do not require more than 300 baud.
> Comcast would actually like to sell individual internet service for
> each of the five units. That's what they're geared to do. You're not
> going to get that very high speed rate for that ridiculously low price
> and fan it out to five domiciles. They would offer that for a single
> home and the users that could be expected in a single home, or maybe a
> small business but I think they would charge a business more. I pay
> Comcast more for a very small business at a lower rate.
> I think realistically the fiber connections you're talking about at
> the data rate you request in the privilege of fanning out to five
> domiciles should cost about $2400 per month.
> I get the complaint about wires on the outside etc. But who are you
> expecting to do that work? If you expect Comcast and their competitors
> to do that as part of their standard installation, you're asking for
> tens of thousands of dollars of work, and if that is to be the
> standard then everyone must pay much more than today. Nobody wants
> that, and most folks don't care about the current standard of
> installation. If this mattered enough to your homeowners association,
> they could pay for it.
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>> Hi All,
>> I've been trying to modernize a building in Boston where I'm an HOA
>> board member over the last 18 mos. I perceive the broadband network
>> as a
>> critical infrastructure to our 5 unit building.
>> Unfortunately, Comcast staff doesn't seem to agree. The agent
>> basically
>> closed the chat on me mid-stream (chat attached.) I've been at this
>> for
>> about 18 mos now.
>> While I think bufferbloat is a big issue, the bigger issue is that
>> our
>> last-mile providers must change their cultures to understand that
>> life
>> support use cases that require proper pathways, conduits & cabling
>> can
>> no longer be ignored. These buildings have coaxial thrown over the
>> exterior walls done in the 80s then drilling holes without
>> consideration
>> of structures. This and the lack of environmental protections for
>> our
>> HOA's critical infrastructure is disheartening. It's past time to
>> remove
>> this shoddy work on our building and all buildings in Boston as well
>> as
>> across the globe.
>> My hope was by now I'd have shown through actions what a historic
>> building in Boston looks like when we, as humans in our short lives,
>> act
>> as both stewards of history and as responsible guardians to those
>> that
>> share living spaces and neighborhoods today & tomorrow. Motivating
>> humans to better serve one another is hard.
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