[Cake] NET_XMIT_CN question

Kevin Darbyshire-Bryant kevin at darbyshire-bryant.me.uk
Fri Nov 27 10:44:02 EST 2015

On 27/11/15 15:16, Dave Taht wrote:
> We decreased the size of the queue, regardless of what flow we dropped
> from... so why do we not need to decrease the queue size when using
> NET_XMIT_CN? Where is that done by the caller? I have grepped and
> googled...
> As best as I recall the semantics of NET_XMIT_CN changed over time, it used to
> only work on enqueue on a tail drop queue, where it would push back on
> the stack to not, actually, drop the packet, but to halve the window
> and requeue.
> Staring at the code now, I don't see how it could be right... here OR
> in the existing fq_codel code in the mainline.
>         /* Return Congestion Notification only if we dropped a packet
>          * from this flow.
>          */
>         if (fq_codel_drop(sch) == idx)
>                 return NET_XMIT_CN;
>         /* As we dropped a packet, better let upper stack know this */
>         qdisc_tree_decrease_qlen(sch, 1);
>         return NET_XMIT_SUCCESS;
> (I am not sure NET_XMIT_CN works right when there is a hash collision,
> for example, although the updated doc does seem to indicate that,
> ... still, then, where does (an equivalent for)
> qdisc_tree_decrease_qlen kick in?)
> So I ripped it out. Otherwise... the code does look correct, now that
> I've reviewed it further.
> But does putting it back in have any measurable effect?
I've no realistic way of testing & finding out.  I'd say that if that
bit of code ever gets executed then things are in an unfortunate place
already, however if there's a way of telling a 'very active talker' (and
they must be 'cos they've just queued a packet *and* cake_drop() has
chosen them as having the biggest b->backlogs[i] - and that may help
answer one of your todo items as well) to back off, then we should take it.

Spaghetti monster knows what *actually* happens further up the stack :-)

> ...
> Also I note there was a bunch of commits to sch_fq_codel mainline since july,
> notably this one.
> c0afd9ce4d6a646fb6433536f95a418bb348fab1
> Dave Täht
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