[Cake] (no subject)

Andy Furniss adf.lists at gmail.com
Fri Dec 8 06:55:24 EST 2017

Mark Captur wrote:
> I am using cake on latest lede nightly. I'm using diffserv 4 which creates
> 4 tins bulk, best effort, video and voice.
> Is there a way to change dscp markings on in comming traffic to place it in
> te video tin. More specifically i would like all incoming traffic with
> source port 23000 to be set to dscp class CS4.

Maybe, I got it working using conntrack, but it was fragile in the sense
that kernel/iptables/iproute versions needed some sort of lucky match.

IIRC I took down my desktop PC messing around.

 From my router box it seems to work.

You need cake on ifb with traffic redirected from ingress interface.


Is just a test to mark ipv4 icmp which worked.
I did get conntrack to work, though you can just match the port anyway.

The exact commands needed would depend on your precise setup.
If your router is just routing then you could probably just have cake
on egress and save the hassle.

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