[Cerowrt-devel] progress in 3.3.1-9

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Fri Apr 13 06:33:45 EDT 2012

+ http://www.bufferbloat.net/issues/360 is better than it was

We sunk more time into this than I intended, and it can still be
improved, so I hope that that robert and ketan pursue it a bit
further, and if anyone else wants to step up, 1000 unaligned traps/sec
seems a good goal.

+ ccnx package: Fixed by Stephen Walker. Thx! woo-hoo!
+ samba 3.6.4
+ gpsd: Nearing 3.5 release (but not in this build)

For a little insight as to the purpose of that, I suggest reading:


I have a ream of things that I should write up about being able to do
e2e measurements and why we needed good, independent time sources, but
the backstory above is entertaining, encouraging, and wonderful in
itself. Eric and I had beat our brains out for 9 months on that
problem, only to... well, please read the story and the backlink....

+ Linux 3.3.1 - there are 4 patches from 3.3.2 in cero-3.3.1-9. 3.3.2
should be official next week

----- buildbot issues on-going are no phun
- dhcp-pd almost, but not quite good enough
- firewall rules - unchanged here, I'm prototyping elsewhere
- debloat script  - statistics collection skewed on ipv6 by bug #160
- documentation and web site updates (yes richard, I'm late on that)
- Xorp package busted (not critical but)
- Bunch of other busted non-critical packages
- issues with upnp and dlna: http://www.bufferbloat.net/issues/362

It's a lot easier to fix something if someone cares about enough to
clue me up as to what's wrong. Even better if someone fixes it and
supplies a patch... so good progress on the above bug, and I look
forward to having a little more detail on it.

I do hope one day soon there will be a day when I will say to the list
- "you should absolutely update to this", but basically the way I view
things right now, is that a bunch of core things have landed, and
others are stablizing, and the "must-do" list is getting much shorter.

Next week perhaps.

I'd certainly like, personally, to play with ccnx, and document/prove
how the new ccnr repo daemon works, setting up a flash stick to serve


but I gotta fix dhcp-pd, firewall rules and the bloody debloat script
which is way less fun and more needed

Dave Täht
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