[Cerowrt-devel] bql-27 smoketest released, with... BQL, SFQRED, etc

Richard Brown richard.e.brown at dartware.com
Tue Jan 31 22:42:17 EST 2012


I have finally got the new stuff from linux-3.3 (BQL and various
ehancements to RED, aRED, and SFQ)
backported to linux-3.2.2, as well as got nearly all the original
features originally intended for rc7 working.


Congratulations! This is fantastic news. I've burned it into my router at home, and I'm getting ready to replace my DD-WRT on a WRT54GL. A few comments/questions:

- gw.home.lan is working again (and by extension, I suppose bind is, as well). I have removed the notes about DNS not working from the wiki.

- Does the Onboard Documentation (http://jupiter.lab.bufferbloat.net/cerowrt/about.html) accurately reflect what is in the bql-27 build? (The Read This First page asserts this.)

- I have added a page that talks about turning on monitoring: SNMP and NetFlow, if only to jog my memory of what I need to do it: (http://www.bufferbloat.net/projects/cerowrt/wiki/Monitoring_CeroWrt)

- Would it be possible to get fprobe added into the bql-27 packages?

- When I'm looking at the web GUI, I have a hard time remembering which build I was using e.g., r29957 for the bql-27 build. As a workaround, it might be enough to include the build number  somewhere (as a file name?) in the download directory. (http://huchra.bufferbloat.net/~cero1/bql-smoketests/bql-27/)


Rich Brown
Hanover, NH
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