[Cerowrt-devel] Buffalo WZR-600DHP (updated WZR-HP-AG300H)

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Thu Mar 21 11:19:02 EDT 2013

Given how difficult it is becoming to get 3800s, a device with the
most similar chipset is this one.

Anyone tried it? They were in use at the other two openwrt based demos at ietf.

I am working on getting a steady supply of 3800 refurbs and on other
alternative hardware.

I note that unless major bugs show up in cerowrt, I'm not planning on
spinning up a new dev cycle until after Linux 3.8 is stable-ish
... and not until after someone else steps up to be the new
buildmaster, and not until supplies of something suitable are assured.

About the only major cerowrt thing I need to do in the coming weeks is
start pushing up the stuff to openwrt that works, maybe getting it
also into hipnet, and getting cake restarted.

As I'll be travelling for the next 2 months - I kind of expect most of
what I'll be coding is prototyping code on x86, if that.

(note - that doesn't mean development and CI are going to stop,
(although I do need a break), it just means I'm hoping you all enjoy
the current release as is, more than constantly upgrading.)

Certainly get your feature requests in! What else needs to get into
this puppy to make it rock on ipv6 and naming and bufferbloat and
whatever else you need?

Dave Täht

Fixing bufferbloat with cerowrt: http://www.teklibre.com/cerowrt/subscribe.html

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